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Making Audio Breh

2016-04-18 13:41:54 by kenki

5 years ago when I started posting shit audio; I never thought I'd be getting the scores I have now.

I guess I'll work on my production skills since you guys like it

I post everything I make on my soundcloud

The only thing I won't post here is my beatbox freestyles. Probably won't record one until I get a better mic anyways.



I'm still here

2011-10-29 21:02:45 by kenki

Been making music, and have got better at it since my first two submissions. They suck balls, but I'm keeping them there for shits and gigs. Also I post my music to soundcloud under the pseudonym "Twiznitch". Just saying because I don't want to be accused of stealing music.

I'm Back I Guess

2010-12-20 15:36:56 by kenki

Well in my absence I've started fiddling with Fruity Loops, so I might decide to upload some of my work to the audio portal. Also thinking of picking Photoshop back up. I was enjoying that until my laptops hard drive fried, and I just now got another one.

In short I'm going to try to be a semi-active poster in both the art and sound portal. I'd start posting flash, but after years of trying I couldn't ever produce anything good.

Learning Photoshop

2010-03-07 01:41:26 by kenki

Learning photoshop and loving it. Expect me in the art portal soon.


2008-09-21 15:16:10 by kenki

Hopefully getting a banjo for my birthday next month. Always wanted to learn to play one.

Camera 2

2008-08-28 12:21:10 by kenki

Got the camera the other day.


2008-08-23 19:00:01 by kenki

Might be getting a decent camera soon so look out for me on youtube.